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Baccianini, Flavio
Italian. Contests include the 1991 San Jose Pro 4th; 1991 Niagara Falls Pro 6th; 1991 Night of Champions 16th; 1993 Ironman Pro 6th; 1993 San Jose Pro 3rd; 1993 Mr. Olympia 13th; 1994 Ironman Pro 7th; 1994 Arnold Classic 13th; 1998 San Francisco Pro 8th; 1999 Masters Olympia 2nd; 2000 Arnold Classic 14th; 2000 Masters Olympia 2nd;

Bacon, Jules
1943 Mr. America 1st;

Badell, Gustavo
From Puerto Rico. Married to Jessica, and has a son named Gustavo Junior. Contests include 1998 Grand Prix Germany 9th; 1999 Night of Champions 19th; 1999 Pro World 14th; 1999 Grand Prix England 17th; 2000 Ironman Pro 18th; 2000 Toronto Pro 16th; 2000 Night of Champions 18th; 2001 Ironman Pro 16th; 2001 San Francisco Pro 11th; 2001 Grand Prix England 17th; 2002 Ironman Pro 13th; 2002 Southwest Pro 6th; 2002 Night of Champions 10th; 2002 Toronto Pro 3rd; 2002 Mr. Olympia 24th;

Balceon, Koen
From Belgium. 1993 Niagara Falls Pro 13th; 1994 Grand Prix France 9th; 1994 Grand Prix Italy 11th;

Balik, John
1963 Mr. Young Chicagoland 2nd;

Baker, Aaron
Aaron was born on November 11, 1960. Height 5'8". Was married to Annika, divorced in 1999. Aaron likes to draw cartoons (he is a cartoonist). Aaron was initially with the WBF, who had the character nickname 'Dark Angel'. He could not use the nickname 'Batman' because of legal ramifications. The WBF failed. Aaron come into the IFBB with what he considers a black eye, from a rival league which was the WBF. He left that because of that, the judges during his bodybuilding career have penalized him, thus scoring him lower than he deserved. After the 1998 Mr. Olympia, Aaron retired from bodybuilding. But in 2003, Aaron made his comeback. Contests include the 1990 NPC USA 1st; 1993 Night of Champions 12th; 1994 Ironman Pro 3rd; 1994 Mr. Olympia 12th; 1994 Arnold Classic 6th; 1995 Ironman Pro 2nd; 1995 South Beach Pro 2nd; 1995 Mr. Olympia 9th; 1995 Arnold Classic 6th; 1996 Mr. Olympia 11th; 1997 Ironman Pro 4th; 1997 Arnold Classic 9th; 1998 Ironman Pro 3rd; 1998 Arnold Classic 7th; 1998 Mr. Olympia 14th; 2003 Ironman Pro 8th; Baker, Paul
From Jamaica. Contests include the 2002 Southwest Pro 16th; 2002 Night of Champions 17th;

Baldwin, Richard
1972 Mr. Texas 1st;

Bannout, Samir
Lebanese. Born Nov 7, 1955. Nicknamed the Lion of Lebanon. In 1997, married Randa, a young lady from Lebanon. Has a daughter named Lea. In 2000, Samir is a partner in Olympian Gym in Beirut, Lebanon. Contests include 1981 Mr. Olympia 9th; 1983 Mr. Olympia 1st; 1988 Mr. Olympia 8th; 1989 Arnold Classic 4th; 1993 Ironman Pro 13th; 1993 San Jose Pro 10th; 1994 Grand Prix England 15th; 1994 Grand Prix Germany 13th; 1994 Grand Prix Spain 12th; 1996 Masters Olympia 6th

Barros, Alex
From Holland. Contests include the 2000 Night of Champions 18th; 2002 Grand Prix Holland 11th;

Bartram, Clark
Height 5'8". Married to Anita. Has two children, daugher named Taylor, son named Mitchell. Television credits include a training partner on 'Flex Appeal" on ESPN2. Contests include the 1996 Musclemania 2nd MW;

Basil, Buddy
1955 Mr. Otter Lake 1st;

Bass, James
1983 NPC Jr. USA 1st LW;

Batho, Adrian
Australian. Contests include the1993 San Jose Pro 13th

Bautista, Francisco 'Paco'
From Spain. Contests includes the 1999 European Amateur Championships HW 1st; 1999 World Amateur Championships HW 1st & Overall; 2002 Night of Champions 3rd; 2002 Toronto Pro 6th; 2002 Mr. Olympia 20th; 2002 Grand Prix England 9th; 2002 Grand Prix Holland 10th;

Beckles, Albert
Born July 14, 1930 or 1938 in Bridgetown, Barbados. Albert will not confirm his age. Has two brothers, Oscar, and Aubrey. Is currently an IFBB judge at bodybuilding contest. Lives in North Hollywood, California. Contests include the 1965 Open Southeast Counties England 1st; 1965 Mr. Hampshire England 1st; 1966 Mr. Southeast Britian 1st; 1967 Mr. England 1st; 1975 Mr. Olympia Under 200 3rd; 1977 Mr. Olympia Under 200 4th; 1978 Mr. Olympia under 200 8th; 1979 Mr. Olympia under 200 7th; 1981 Grand Prix New England 1st; 1981 Night of Champions 2nd; 1982 Pro World 1st; 1982 Night of Champions 1st; 1982 Mr. Olympia 5th; 1983 Grand Prix Portland 4th; 1983 Night of Champions 3rd; 1983 Mr. Olympia 7th; 1983 Mr. Olympia 7th; 1983 Grand Prix Switzerland 5th; 1983 Grand Prix Sweden 5th; 1983 Grand Prix World 5th; 1983 Grand Prix Caesars 3rd; 1984 Pro World 1st; 1984 Grand Prix World 1st; 1984 Mr. Olympia 4th; 1985 Night of Champions 1st; 1985 Mr. Olympia 2nd; 1986 Mr. Olympia 4th; 1987 IFBB Pro World 3rd; 1987 Mr. Olympia 7th; 1988 Mr. Olympia 15th; 1989 Arnold Classic 7th; 1989 Mr. Olympia 15th; 1991 San Jose Pro 5th; 1991 Niagara Falls Pro 1st; 1991 Mr. Olympia 16th; 1991 Danish Grand Prix 7th; 1991 Italian Grand Prix 8th; 1991 Spanish Grand Prix 9th; 1991 English Grand Prix 7th; 1991 Swiss Grand Prix 8th; 1991 Finnish Grand Prix 9th;

Beaver, Doug
1974 AAU Mr. America 3rd;

Beccles, Darcy
1976 Mr. Western Hemisphere 1st;

Belknap, Tim
Born Dec 24, 1958. Height 5'4". 1981 Mr. America; 1985 NABBA Universe Amateur 1st; 1992 Ironman Pro 14th;

Benaziza, Mohammed (Momo)
Height 5'3". Died in 1992. Contests include the 1988 Mr. Olympia 11th; 1989 Mr. Olympia 5th; 1990 Night of Champions 1st; 1990 Grand Prix German 1st; 1990 Grand Prix Italy 1st; 1990 Grand Prix England 1st; 1990 Grand Prix France 1st; 1990 Grand Prix Finland 1st; 1991 Ironman Pro 9th; 1992 Grand Prix Italian 1st; 1992 Grand Prix Denmark 1st;

Benfatto, Francis
From France. Born June 7, 1958. Contests include the 1991 Ironman Pro 7th; 1993 French Pro 9th; 1993 German Pro 13th;

Benjamin, Jason
Born February 3, 1974 in Massillon, Ohio. Height 5'5". Currently lives in Canton, Ohio. Contests include the 1991 Akron Bodybulding Tenn Overall; 1998 Ohio Bodybuilding MW 3rd; 2000 Ohio Powerhouse Gym Classic LHW 1st; 2000 Mike Francois World Gym Classic LHW 1st & Overall; 2001 NPC Nationals LHW 10th;

Benton, Marion
Contests include the 2000 NPC Junior USA LW 1st; 2000 NPC Nationals LH 9th; 2001 NPC Nationals HW 13th;

Berger, Christopher Anthony
Born December 28, 1968 in the Bronx, New York. Height 5'8". Grew up in Matapack, New York. Played baseball, soccer and basketball growing up. He received his first bench and weights when he was 13 during Christmas. Currently lives in San Diego, California. Contests include the 1990 New York Championships MW 2nd; 1990 Cortland State Physique Show MW 1st & Overall; 1993 San Diego Championships LW 6th; 1993 Border States MW 1st; 1998 Team Universe MW 4th;

Berkowics, Ed
1960 Mr. Northern Indiana 1st;

Beritz, William
1955 Mr. Maryland 1st;

Berry, Bob
1960 Mr. New England Area 1st;

Bertagna, Renato
1977 IFBB European Championships LW 1st;

Bigot, Fred
Born Nov 25, 1971. Fred was inspired by the Captain America comic book hero to start up bodybuilding. Learned English after he came to the United States. In Haiti, he only spoke Creole. Fred also know French. Contests include the 1995 IFBB North American LH 3rd; 1996 NPC USA LH 2nd; 1997 NPC USA LH 4th; 1998 NPC Nationals LH 4th; 2000 NPC USA LH 1st; 2000 NPC Nationals LH 2nd; 2001 NPC USA HW 1st;

Bilodeau, Andre
From Canada. Contests include the 1993 Niagara Falls Pro 12th; 1993 French Pro 14th; 1993 German Pro 17th; 1995 South Beach Pro 9th

Biondi, Stefano
1997 Night of Champions 16th; 1998 Toronto Pro 18th;

Birdsong, Bob
Contests include the 1983 Grand Prix Portland 6th; 1983 Night of Champions 6th; 1983 Grand Prix Colorado 2nd; 1983 Grand Prix Caesars 5th; 1985 Night of Champions 3rd; 1986 Night of the Champions 7th;

Bivens, James
Contests include the 1996 NPC Team Universe HW 6th; 1997 AAU Mr. America HW 3rd; 1997 NPC Team Universe HW 7th; 1998 Team Universe HW 10th; 1999 NPC Team Universe HW 3rd; 2000 NPC Team Universe HW 2nd; 2001 NPC Nationals SHW 12th;

Blanc, Didier
From France. Contests include the 1998 European Amateur HW 13th; 1999 IFBB World Amatuer HW 15th; 2001 European Pro 18th; 2002 Grand Prix England 20th;

Blewett, D'Marco
1988 NPC Los Angeles 1st;

Boeving, Christian
Born June 5, 1969 in Dallas, Texas.

Bogoff, Keith
1987 NPC Jr. USA 1st MW;

Bond, Darien
Contests include the 1997 NPC USA LH 6th; 1998 NPC Nationals LH 1st; 1999 Toronto Pro 16th; 1999 Night of Champions 19th; 2001 Toronto Pro 16th; 2001 Night of Champions 18th;

Boojaklee, Fredon
From Syria. Contests include the 1996 Canada Pro Classic 13th; 1998 Toronto Pro 13th; 1998 Night of Champions 18th; 1999 Ironman 17th; 1999 Toronto Pro 17th; 1999 Night of Champions 19th;

Boudreaux, Gable
1965 Mr. Los Angeles 1st;

Boufes, Abdul
French. 1995 Grand Prix France 14th; 1995 Grand Prix Germany 13th; 1997 Night of Champions 16th

Brenner, Malcolm
1951 Mr. California

Brice, Stan
1960 Mr. China Beach 1st;

Brigante, Gennaro
1997 NPC Junior USA BW 1st

Brisbois, Steve
Born 8/16/61. Contests include the 1990 Ironman Pro 7th; 1991 Ironman Pro 6th; 1991 Pittsburgh Pro 5th; 1992 Ironman Pro 7th

Broadway, Michael
1997 NPC USA MW 8th;

Brock, Nathaniel (Nate)
Contests include the 2000 NPC Border States HW 2nd; 2001 NPC USA HW 8th;

Brooks, Justin
1998 NPC Nationals SHW 13th;

Brown, Chalmes
1997 NPC USA LW 12th;

Brown, Josh
1991 Ironman Pro 12th

Brown, Ken
1996 Penn State 1st HW & overall; 1997 NPC Junior Nationals 1st HW & overall; 1997 NPC USA 1st HW & Overall; 1999 Toronto Pro 15th; 1999 Night of Champions 19th; 2000 Toronto Pro 16th;

Brown, Peter
From England. Contests include the 1999 Grand Prix England 8th; 2002 Grand Prix England 10th;

Brown, Robert
1960 Mr. East Chicago 1st;

Brunet, Yvon
1963 IFBB Mr. Universe Short 1st;

Brunhart, Ralph
1960 Mr. Mid States 1st;

Buchanan, Brian <
Born 6/17/62. Contests include the 1988 Mr. Olympia 7th; 1995 NABBA Pro Universe 1st; 1998 Toronto Pro 9th; 1998 Night of Champions 13th;

Buchinskas, Roland
From Lithuania. Contests include the 1997 Grand Prix Russia 8th;

Bullman, Sean
Born January 18 1958, Ireland. Winner of a record 21 National titles and a record 17 appearances at the IFBB amateur European and World Championships placing in the top 10 each time. He has also placed 5th as a lightweight, 7th as a welterweight and 4th as a middleweight at the IFBB amateur European Championships. He is also Irelands first ever IFBB Pro.

Burke, Orville
Born Wrville Wayne Barrington Burke on March 18, 1963 in Kingston, Jamaica. Currently lives in Brooklyn, New York (2000). Height is 5'9 1/2". Married to Christina (their wedding was in Sweden in 1999). Mother's name is Olive; sister's name is Cheryl. Older brother's name is Ezra. Has another brother named Howard. In high school, he ran track and field. Orville had a large comic book collection, and his favorite one was 'The Incredible Hulk'. Orville started training when he was 12. Orville left Jamacia and come to the United State in 1983, when he was 18, to live. In 1984, Orville was studying to become a physical therapist. In 1985, his mother passed away, and Orville left school, and started working full time for Donald Trump in security for eight years. Contests include the 1996 NPC Nationals HW 3rd; 1997 NPC Nationals HW 2nd; 1998 NPC USA SHW 3rd; 1998 NPC Nationals SHW 1st; 1999 Night of Champions 10th; 2000 Toronto Pro 3rd; 2000 Night of Champions 4th; 2000 Mr. Olympia 10th; 2001 Toronto Pro 1st; 2001 Night of Champions 1st; 2001 Mr. Olympia 6th; 2002 Mr. Olympia 9th;

Burkholder, John
1977 IFBB Mr. USA LW 1st;

Burt, Larry
Larry was the Vice President of the Minnesota Physique Association 1997-1999, and featured in ProSource Buyers Guide and Steele Jungle Publication. He was also the head judge at Regional Musclemania 2000. Contests include the 1991 NANBA Mr.Minnesota 3rd; 1994 NPC Mr.Upper Midwest 4th; 1995 NPC Mr.Upper Midwest 2nd; 1997 Mr.Minnesota 2nd; 1998 Mr.Minnesota 1st Masters; 1998 NPC Midwest Ironman 1st Masters; 1999 Mr.Gopher State 1st; 1999 NANBF 10,000 Lakes 1st; 2000 NGA Iowa State 1st; 2000 NGA Mr.Upper Midwest 1st LHW/Masters; 2001 INBF Midwest MuscleFest LHW 2nd; 2002 NPC Grand Prix Illinois Masters Overall;


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