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What To Eat, When And Why?
By "James Sadek"

I love to eat!! Everyone loves to eat. If you don't love to eat you gotta go and scan your cat and get a cat scan. Eating is a way of life, and for bodybuilders' eating is taken for granted. When weight training you must not treat eating as an obligation but as a necessity. Without food you won't grow, so why lift weights? We all want to get big. If you don't, why bother I ask?

Food nourishes the body, food feeds the body and food gives the body energy to do those big intensity packed workouts. Whether it is a chest workout, an abs workout or a leg workout, you need a feed after you train to get the body into recovery mode and make it grow.

Breakfast is the most important meal of the day. How many of you have heard that said before? I have and yes it may be true for an average person. I feel it is not true for you or me, the teen bodybuilder. I feel the most important meal of the day is the post workout meal. This should consist of a protein shake with about 30-40 grams of protein (I say a protein shake because the protein in the shakes is quick to break down and get into the muscles). About 100-150 grams of carbs should accompany the 30-40 grams of protein within 1 hour of training. This makes the muscles grow and feeds them.

My favorite meal after a hard workout is a bowl of rolled oats with honey and low fat milk along with a protein shake. Depending on what flavor I might mix the protein shake in with the rolled oats or other cereal. This might not sound like a tasty treat but it is by all means nice. If you have a nice tasting shake you will enjoy it and you will eat the bowl within minutes. Make sure you eat within 45 minutes to an hour of training where possible.

Although I feel that the post workout meal is the most important meal of the day there are others of importance. Infact, if you want to get maximum results, I suggest trying to consume 6 meals a day of reasonable size.

My eating plan is this (try to use this as a sample as it is basic and you do not need a lot of chicken, or egg whites):

7:30am (meal 1) - Protein Shake and Cereal
10:30am (meal 2) - Protein Shake
1pm (meal 3) - half a can of tuna and rice
5pm-5: 30pm (meal 4) - Protein Shake and Cereal
6:30 (meal 5) - Dinner, what ever my mum makes (if there is no protein I will add half a can of tuna)
9:30pm (meal 6) - Protein Shake

You will adjust this to your liking.

This is different to many diet plans as there is a lot of tuna. This is for putting on mass. That's my main reason for this diet. I realize there are 4 protein shakes in this. You can cut it in half by eliminating the morning one with egg whites and the evening one. The reason for tuna is because I can't be stuffed to separate the whites. It works out to the same price but you gain time because the labor is minimized, since all you have to do is open a can.

I hope this helps, if you can't follow a strict diet, make sure you always get sufficient protein and carbs into you after your workout.


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