Frequently Asked Questions about:

What is Show-Tech and where is it from?
Show-Tech was first discovered in India by our company. It is now produced in the USA! Show-Tech is a powerful all natural herbal muscle enhancing capsule! Show-Tech is now available all around the world direct from our company!

How does Show-Tech work?

Show-Tech works by naturally supporting increased testosterone levels. Show-Tech works by stimulating the pituitary gland to produce a "LH" hormone which stimulates testosterone levels which in turn speeds muscle development. Get hardcore toning and definition.

Are there any side effects or precautions using Show-Tech?

Show-Tech should be used as directed and as with any dietary supplement it is recommended that one consult a physician before beginning Show-Tech. Some reported side effects reported while using Show-Tech are sleeplessness, abdominal cramping, and mild headache. These side effects have been reported by about 7% of all questioned. Show-Tech is as safe to use as taking a vitamin.

Will Show-Tech effect any other parts of my body?

Show-Tech will work on all muscles and mainly on the ones which are exercised as this accelerates and induces the cell volumization effect which occurs while using Show-Tech!

Do I have to use Show-Tech continuously to maintain size?

No! Show-Tech builds muscle fast and results will remain as ling as ones age will allow along with the effects of gravity.

How do I take Show-Tech?

For Show-Tech directions on-line please see our free bodybuilding program here on our site by clicking here.

Is Show-Tech FDA approved?

Show-Tech falls under the FDA "DSHEA". Show-Tech is not a drug. This stands for the Dietary Supplement Health And Education Act. This means that all ingredients in Show-Tech classify as non-drug ingredients. The FDA classifies Show-Tech as a dietary supplement. Show-Tech is all natural and safe to use!

Is Show-Tech guaranteed?

Yes! Show-Tech as well as all products come with an unconditional thirty day money back guarantee!

What is in Show-Tech?

Show-Tech is our exclusive bodybuilding supplement capsule containing the purest Tribulus herb and designed to support bigger muscle mass, endurance, energy, as well as increased cell volumization.

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