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Your muscles grow when they recover after heavy stress that you put on them in the gym. Your body 'thinks' that you were running for your life from a lion and nearly escaped, and it builds some extra muscle to make sure that you outrun that lion next time he finds you! The same story in other words: when you stress your muscle to the limit, it develops micro-injury. When it repairs the damage, having enough time and material, it 'overdoes' a little, to prevent you from having that 'micro-injury' in the future.

To put it short, if you want your muscle grow, you should give it as much stress as possible in the gym, then you should provide it with everything it needs to recover and grow, which is time and food. Do not stress the same muscle every day - it will not have enough time to recover and grow. If you work out regularly the last 6 months or more, you should pump really heavy weights, as heavy as you can take. And your muscles will need more time to recover, more than they needed when you started working out. Recovery time depends on your metabolism rate. Most people need 48 hours of "leisure time" for a heavily exercised muscle. Don't forget to use the secret online coupon FLORIDAHERB when you check out with your products. You'll get an instant 10-20% off your order! You can check out here!

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Just started working out? For the first couple of weeks or a month (depending on your shape) take it easy, do not push yourself to the limit, otherwise you can easily injure yourself. If you work out regularly only the last 6 months or less, it is a good idea to do a whole body workout in one day, without splitting it to several days. Most people achieve their best results in muscle building with 2-4 exercises for the target muscle, 2-3 sets per exercise, 5-8 reps per set. You may start with a compound exercise and do 3 sets, then do 2 compound or isolation exercises with 2 sets. Compound exercises allow you to use heavier weights - they are more effective for muscle growth than isolation exercises. Bodybuilders use isolation exercises mostly to achieve better muscle definition, when they already have a lot of mass. Use the proper form of an exercise, otherwise you will rob the target muscle of the required stress, and can injure yourself. Use exercise descriptions and pictures to learn the proper form, and stick to it.

Increase the reps as shown in our program when you are comfortable. Increase the load when you can. Start with the weight you used for your 10 reps set and do 10 reps with it. Then take the weight that you used for your 8 reps set and do 8 reps with it. Than take such weight that you can only do 4-6 reps. Train with these weights until you can do 12-10-8, then increase weights again. Remember, you have to stress your muscles very hard to make them grow, you will not achieve that with light weights. Some experts recommend rotating a strength building routine (4-8 sets of 2-5 reps with extremely heavy weights) and a mass building routine (2-4 sets of 5-10 reps). Follow each routine until you see some progress, it usually takes weeks.

Avoid overtraining. Overtraining is a situation when you stress your muscles more often than they can recover. It doesn't do any good to your muscles. Remember, stressing them is only one half of muscle building, the second half, when muscles actually grow, is recovery. If your muscles don't have enough recovery time or food, but you keep pushing, they will actually lose mass. Overtraining is bad not only for your muscles, but also for your health in general. Some signs of overtraining: feeling chronically tired, having trouble sleeping, being sick all the time with colds and flues or feeling depressed. To avoid overtraining, concentrate on resting, eating and sleeping as hard as on pushing iron.

Eat a lot. Eat, rest, and then eat again and don't fprget your "SHOW-TECH" of course! We can not stress enough our excitement with the success of what may be one of the most powerful muscle mass builder capsule around and we have the proof to back it up but most of all whether you use "Show-Tech" or not HAVE FUN! Avoid animal fat, sugar and salt. Eat more protein (lean meat and poultry, fish, milk, egg whites) and complex carbohydrates. Your food should have a lot of complex carbohydrates. Eating 100% protein all the time would be a big mistake. Proteins are the building material for your muscles, carbohydrates are the primary source of energy. Complex carbohydrates are pasta, potatoes, grey and whole-wheat bread, corn, bananas, and other food with starch. Simple carbohydrates are sugar and very refined white flour. Simple carbohydrates tend to turn your food into your fat and "Show-Tech" keeps your body at "attention" to maximize the accelerated growth process which happens from proper pathway signals from your brain to your stressed muscles alerting your body to build, build, build!

For muscle growth, you would need about 1g (some sources say more) of protein for a pound of your weight every day. Calculate how much protein you can eat with natural food, and take the rest with supplements. Eat natural food 3-4 times a day and take supplements in between. Also, take at least one pill of multivitamins and minerals a day. Drink at least 8 glasses of pure water a day, by small portions during the day - it improves your metabolism and helps your muscles to recover. And the last, but not the least, workout regularly! It is very important. Your muscles are very fast to forget what they've become.

Ridding fat: First of all, it is practically impossible to build muscle mass and get rid of fat the same time. When you build your muscle mass, you will inevitably get a little of extra fat, otherwise you will not have enough food or recovery time to build your muscle. When you exercise to lose your fat, your diet and exercises will prevent muscle growth. Bodybuilders build muscle (and some fat :-) during their off-season, and rip their bodies during their on-season.

To lose fat, you will need some sort of a calorie reduced healthy diet and a lot of aerobic exercise. There are 2 types of exercise - aerobic and anaerobic. Anaerobic exercise is a very intensive exercise, that you can do only for a short time. It uses oxygen faster then your body can replenish. This is the type of exercise that is used in weight training. Another example - fast sprinting.

To burn your fat, you need aerobic exercise - prolonged, low or moderate intensity work, like 30 minutes of jogging. You need oxygen to burn your fat. Doing 20 reps of bench press is not an aerobic exercise, it is still anaerobic, but pretty inefficient for muscle building because of not very high intensity. What you need is 30-60 minutes of aerobic activity, like jogging, or steps, or aerobic classes, or swimming. More often you do this, faster you lose your weight. You can also do anaerobic exercises (weights), but preferably on separate days. They will not burn your fat, but they will help to keep your metabolism rate up.

Like for muscle building, take vitamins and drink at least 8 glasses of water every day. 30 minutes before your workout, drink a cup of coffee, or strong tea, or take a weight-loss pill that speeds up your metabolism, and eat some carbohydrates, for example half of a bagel. Fat burning requires some easy energy to start the process. Do not eat at least 3 hours before going to bed.
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