New High Grade Creatine Released
Come see why our new "CreaBlast" creatine is setting new standards for creatine production and performance. Feel the difference and order yours today! Our third annual "Show-Tech Muscle Contest" has begun. Get your photo in with Show-Tech and win $500 yes we said five hundred US dollars. The contest is free and simple to enter. Best muscle dude photo wins and not just the biggest bodybuilder either. We judge creativity, pose, picture clarity and alignment, etc!
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Hand Picked!


Hand Picked!

Free Fitness And Health Calculators!
Try our free fitness and health calculators. Count your calories, check your biorhythm, analyze your nutrition needs, predict your height, see what your ideal body mass should be, calculate individual protein requirements, determine your ideal weight, check your target heart rate, and more!

Helpful Drugs And Supplements!
Sharp Labs Inc. is your leaders for some of the most successfull alternative nutrition supplements available. See what we have to offer in our store. Many of our formulas have had patent pending applications submitted due to the length of time and commitment for formulation.

History Of Weightlifting!
Please see our article on the history of weightlifting. This article explains some of the different bodybuilding and weightlifting developments.

Creatine Explained
It is believed that 95 - 98% of the creatine in our body is stored in our muscles. The remaining about 2- 5% is stored in various other parts of the body including the brain, heart and testes. Come see why "CreaBlast" is your best choice for hardcore creatine lovers!

Everything Steroids
Click above to learn everything there is to know about steroids. Using steroids, injecting steroids, steroid types, steroid facts and so much more! Check it out now and free as always!

Our Original Bodybuilding Discussion
Click The "Discussion Forum" Button Located
Above In "The Pyramid" For A Much More Up To Date Forum!

Weightlifting And Bodybuilding Discussion Forum!
Very imformative bodybuilding discussion is a click away. Learn about the tips and tricks and secrets to proper weight training and power lifting. Post your questions on bodybuilding or just browse the forum. Bulk up recipes and more!

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Here you can add your site to our new and rapidly growing "Links" database and increase traffic to your web site instantly for free! We accept all types of web sites and greatly encourage fitness and weight lifting sites to take advantage of this great link exchange! Remember to place a reciprocal link to our site for indefinite optimum placement!

Bodybuilding Contest
Get your chance to win $500 smackers with the Show-Tech official bodybuilding photo contest. It happens every year and its free to enter and easy to win. Show your muscles and flex for us today!

Bench Press Shirts
Great article from our friend Ben Tater on what kind of shirt you should wear during your bench press sessions. There is a lot of talk about bench shirts and very little understanding about them. The thing is, you can't just throw a bench shirt on, turn into superman and magically add 300lbs to your bench press.

How Muscles Grow! Click Here!
So how do muscles grow? We thought we would put this article on the main page because this a question that so few of us really know the real answer to. We know how to make our muscles grow but how do they actually grow in size. Bodybuilders read and learn my friends.

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Visit some of our sponsors and other great weight lifting and bodybuilding links. If you have a suggestion for a new muscle link then please email us any time! Use our free bodybuilding and fitness link swap program!
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Bodybuilders Get Motivated Now!

Has been getting to the gym been a problem lately?
You just can't seem to get going?
We all know how this feels because at one time or another we were all here.
Here are a few tips to get you going :

1. Buy a muscle magazine!
By flipping through the pages and seeing
pictures of the sport's freakiest monsters
you will want to head to the gym as soon as possible ready to get big.

2. Look in the mirror!
After getting out of the shower,
take a look in the mirror and flex a few poses.
After realizing how big you actually are, you will
feel the urge to get bigger and you will be ready to pump some iron.

3. Picture an enemy in your head!
Think of how much you would enjoy kicking their ass and
before you know it you will want to head out to the gym to become bigger and stronger than they are.

4. Try something new!
Maybe you are bored of your plain old routine.
Try mixing your training schedule up a little bit.
Remember to keep it fun, working out is something you
should like to do not HAVE to do.

5. Take a day off!
Your body might be fatigued a little bit.
Go to bed early that night and get a good night sleep.
In the morning you will feel refreshed and ready to go.

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