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Question: My Significant Other Is Considering Taking Equipoise, An Anabolic Steroid. Should I Be Concerned? Hi, my significant other is considering the use of Equipoise. (I dont know if this spelled correctly, but that is the name he told me.) He told me it is a mild steriod (a horse steroid?) and he will use it for 8 weeks. I would like to find out as much as I can about this stuff, ie, the negative effects and what it actually is and does to a person. He has taken the over the counter andro products and I am certain his moods have been altered. So, I am quite unceratin whether I wish to endure this "cycle". Please respond asap. Thank You

Answer #1 I'm a person who likes to be at the gym every day, and I have a lot of friends who used equipose and other anabolic steroids. They are really fu---- up. The best way it's to make all the gains naturally with patience and determination. I'm living a healthy life without the use of anabolic steroids and I have experienced the same gains. The steroid equipose is used for horses and the human body doesn't have the same tolerance and strength as an animal. Alex R. Puerto Rico

Answer #2 You don't really have anything to worry about. Equipose is know as Boldenone undecyclenate. It is a veterinary steroid and yes it is mild. It comes it 50mg/ml dosages and, as with most steroids, as long as he stays on the low to moderate side he shouldn't have much temperament change. EQ is taken at dosages from 150mg to 300mg per week. As long as he stays in that area he should be fine. About the worst thing he has to worry about is trying to get massive gains with it. EQ is known for putting on quality muscle mass and being relatively safe, but it is also known for doing this over time. Tell him not to get discouraged if in six weeks he has not put on 20lbs. It isn't going to happen unless you are taking large doses. For mass, EQ is best stacked with something else like Test., Anadrol 50, D-Bol tabs. But by itself he should expect a 10-15 lbs. increase over a 8-10 week cycle, depending on his diet. Be strong and support him. Physical enhancement is where it is at, but you are smart to want to educate yourself on the matter. Good Luck.

Answer #3 Equipoise is a veterinary drug used in horses and other animals. Bodybuilders are using this drug because it gives strong definition for the muscles as deca-durabolin. It's cheaper than deca and it's easy to find in the black market ($40 - 10ml in Brazil).

Answer #4 Due to the very low Androgenic activity of Equipoise, mood swings and increased aggressiveness are not an issue with this particular drug. You have nothing to worry about. Have a great day!

Answer #5 Equipoise is a relatively weak steroid (only 50 mg per dose). Used carefully, it is reasonably safe. It is an anabolic steroid which means it boosts the anabolic hormone levels in your body which leads to increased muscle mass and quicker recovery from workouts. It is also relatively easy on the liver compared to other roids. I'd say watch your significant other if they start using heavy androgenic steroids such as sustanon or anything with testosterone on the label.

Answer #6 Hey, I tried it. It is basically a cutter. I didn't gain any size but my s--- got rock hard and stayed that way. Doesn't stay with you long. I shot 10 ccs over a four week period. I am 5' 11" and 185. I gained maybe four pounds on it. I am fixing to go on a sustanon cycle and will finish it off with a few weeks of equipoise. I didn't experience any side effects.

Answer #7 This is an oil based veterinarian steroid which is a derivative or testosterone. Equipoise is very widely used by athletes. It is a high anabolic, moderate androgenic steroid. It has low levels of toxicity and aromatizing qualities, even though it will aromatise on some more than others. The actions of the steroid are fairly similar to dianabol without as much water retention in most cases. When stacked with a low androgen like Primobolan, Equipoise has been effective for cutting. Stacked with testosterone it has shown the ability to enhance strength dramatically. The athletes who have used this drug reported it has shown the ability to enhance strength dramatically. The athletes who have used this drug reported consistently good results with few side effects. Dosages have been in the range of three to six ccs a week.

Answer #8 I have used eq before and it was great. the side effects are at a minimum and the results were good. it is a very mild drug so of course the results weren't tremendous. I did get good results, about 17lbs in 7-8 weeks. I would not worry about your other, instead I would back him up and keep him focused and eating correctly. Without proper diet and training, eq will show little or no results.

Answer #9 Yahoo! I'm glad there were sooo many people that responded backing EQ. I'm starting a 12 week cycle very soon, and now I feel a little better about it. My goal is to get very cut with mild muscle weight gains, so it looks good for me. B

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